"Why" wall

Why are in business, why are we in the careers we are, why we get out of bed each day.

Why is very powerful, we ask all our attendees at some point to share their whys.

Why? Because it might inspire someone, it might change the course of someone's life or it might validate another person's why.

If you have a WHY to add to this wall let us know. 

Lighting up people's minds to create a ripple effect that transforms communities and the world

- Barbara

Call my own shots

- Anonymous 

Building relationshiops

- Kelly

Lifestyle choice.

being able to have time for our family while being able to pay the bills as well.

- Anonymous

Forever improvement

- Anonymous 

So I can follow my passions

- Anonymous

Managing and directing investment in a trust company and to interact with people

- Tina

I believe life is meant to be fully lived and not just "existed"

- Simone

To support business success by enabling business owners.

I love seeing people achieve their goals.

- Di

To connect with other people

- Anonymous

Supporting businesses to grown high value jobs in NZ

- Debra

I want to empower women and make them feel good about themselves

- Sarahlee

I like helping people and doing my bit to ensure Northland thrives and businesses are successful

- Rebecca

Earn an income in hours that suit me

- Anonymous

A passion for beautiful, quality made product to be proud of in your home. Creating inspiring spaces

- Anonymous

To make money

- Anonymous

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